David and the HT-Install Team

HT-Install was founded by David Arango in 2003 as a company that provided the Satellite TV installations and Low voltage wiring. David worked for recognized Home Automation companies in Palm Beach County but when the economy was not doing very well He started his own company to provide an unparalleled level of service to the residential market, mostly because he did not see any other company servicing people with the quality of service he was used to. More than 15 years later, HT-Install has grown from a one employee start-up company to a recognized enterprise.

With more than 20 years experience in the high-tech and telecom fields, David started as an installation and service contractor for Direct TV in the early 2000s. Building on his vision and technical skills he acquired early in his career, he grew HT-Install into a full service design and installation company to serve all your home technology needs.

David believes that the real strength behind HT-Install as a company is the quality of the employees and the overall commitment to service. He strives to maintain a very stable work environment which contributes to the company’s high employee retention rate. The HT-Install client benefits from having the same technician working on their systems throughout the years. This also lends itself to top level customer service; HT-install guarantees and delivers emergency support with a 12 to 48-hour turn-around, 365 days a year. This service-based approach has worked well over the years as evidenced by the significant company growth from referrals.

  • HT-Install is a Member of the Consumer Electronics Association CEDIA.
  • HT-Install has 10 full-time employees, with a fleet of five installation and service vehicles
  • HT-Install has installed over 1,000 systems

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HT-Install award winning company

HT-Install has been recognized numerous times by the Consumer Electronics Association for its outstanding contributions to the industry.

"We used HT when we first moved here from another state and we were blown away by the service and commitment when we installed TV equipment. They did such an awesome job we had them come back and install cameras in our home. The commitment, professionalism, and the knowledge this team has goes above and beyond.  We would suggest David and his team to anyone. David took the time to teach us how to program the TV, the electrics he installed and explained all the new systems they installed. Top notch. If we ever had a problem, they came over right away to fix it. They are a dream come true and we would suggest them to anyone and we have." From Yelp

Rachel – Boca Raton,